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How can you earn money investing in ICOs?

As with any other form of investment, it’s important to understand exactly what you are investing in. and if it solves a real need. Ask yourself if you believe that there’s a gap in the market for that coin. Another important factor you need to take into account is the technology that the company has. Nowadays, with so many coins coming up every day, in order to succeed, a startup needs to have very good technology and a passionate and dedicated developer team.

Is Cryptocurrency legal?

In most countries, Cryptocurrency has not been criminalized by legislation. But some countries, such as Argentina and Russia, restrict the use of foreign currencies.

Other countries – such as Thailand – may restrict the licensing of Bitcoin exchanges.

How can you avoid getting scammed in the cryptocurrency world?

There are certain risks that you must be willing to take if you want to succeed. Digital currencies can be highly volatile, so you need to be very careful in how you diversify your portfolio.

Probably 90% of scams happen due to the people not properly researching what they’re investing in – whether it’s an ICO, or a new exchange, wallet or platform. You should never take any information for granted.

In the crypto world you need to have a good understanding of how the technology behind everything works.

How to make sure you choose the right crypto trading platform?

With so many cryptocurrency trading platforms out there, it’s extremely important that new traders do a small research before signing up with one.

One of the most frequent mistakes beginners do is join a platform that is not reliable, and sometimes this ends badly.

Consider looking up information such as the reputation of these companies, the fees involved, payment and withdrawal methods, verification requirements, etc.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

Freedom of payment:

Through Bitcoin, you can easily and instantly send or receive any amount of money anywhere in the world. Bitcoin users have full control over their funds.

Extremely low Fees:

Paying or receiving money through Bitcoin is most of the times either free of charge, or comes at very low fees.

It should also be noted that unlike the classical means of sending or receiving money, the fees are not related to the transferred amount. Therefore, the fees will be the same no matter you are sending 1 Bitcoin or 1,000.

Less risk for Traders:

Bitcoin transactions are extremely safe, because they do not contain any sensitive or specific information about the customers. This protects traders from losses caused by fraudulent activities.

Security and Control:

Since the Bitcoin users are in total control of the transactions they make, it makes it impossible for traders to force undesired or unnoticed charges – as could happen with classical money transferring methods.

Bitcoin users can also protect their funds through periodical back-ups and strong encryption.

Transparency and Neutrality:

No single person or organization is able to control or tamper the Bitcoin protocol, because it is cryptographically secured.

This makes the system extremely trustworthy since it is neutral, fully transparent and predictable.

What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?

Level of Acceptance:

In these days, many people are still not familiar with Bitcoin. However, more and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoins in order to benefit from its advantages, so it is gaining popularity very fast.


Currently, the value of Bitcoins in use and the number of companies using the protocol are still very thin compared to what they will eventually become in the future.

This sometimes results in relatively small events or trades affecting the prices. This volatility will eventually drop as the Bitcoin markets mature and becomes widely popular.

Continuous Development:

The Bitcoin protocol is still considered to be in beta; which means that there are a few incomplete aspects that are currently still in development. New tools and features are constantly being developed in order to make the system safer and easily accessible to everybody.

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