Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Better Than Bitcoin?



Is Litecoin Better Than Bitcoin?

Over the years, there have been hundreds of challengers to Bitcoin’s throne. They’ve come from every angle, with different names and technologies. In the end, only Bitcoin Cash has come close. 

Sure, there are cryptocurrencies valued higher than BCH, but at the end of the day, none of them are directly confronting Bitcoin like BCH is. When BTC and BCH square off against one another, the inevitable question is who wins? That depends a bit on your point of view, but we’ll roll out Bitcoin Cash’s history, merits, and benefits so that you can decide.

Who Created Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash has an exciting and somewhat controversial history dating back to the summer of 2017. The Bitcoin Cash story has everything to do with blocksize – which refers to the number of transactions in a block. If the block is too small, then the blockchain processes fewer transactions in a given time. 

Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash’s main proponent and instigator, suggested that an increase in Bitcoin’s blocksize would make it more practical as everyday money. Bitcoin developers disagreed, effectively saying that changing Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin by modifying blocksize would amount to heresy.

Rather than continue to argue, Ver and a group of backers decided to go it alone by forking off the Bitcoin blockchain to create Bitcoin Cash. After a short while, a large contingent of Chinese Bitcoin miners, activists, and investors jumped ship and joined up with BCH. 

Bitcoin Cash Is Faster Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash increased blocksize over Bitcoin, leading it to far better scaling prowess. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash can currently handle up to 61 transactions per second, which is about 12x more than Bitcoin does. With an increased blocksize, Bitcoin Cash also manages to cost less per transaction than Bitcoin.

These two improvements over the architecture of Bitcoin make BCH a solid alternative when a user needs to send money quickly and for as cheap as possible. While BCH boasts certain performance benefits over BTC, one thing it is lacking is the same name recognition as BTC. 

Even if people don’t know much about crypto, one thing they do know about it is Bitcoin. The same can’t be said for Bitcoin Cash, although its notoriety is growing.

Bitcoin Cash Versus Bitcoin SV

While we’re comparing notes between BCH and BTC, it’s well worth the time to mention a very contentious split that occurred earlier this year. Bitcoin Cash’s support structure was broken in two when Craig Wright, who falsely proclaims himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto, created a BCH fork called BSV.

The fork wreaked havoc on the cryptocurrency world as a hash war ensued between the powerful factions behind BCH and BSV. In the end, Bitcoin Cash came out on top after having the weight of Chinese miners like Jihan Wu rally support behind it. 

Far from being a negative event, the BSV hardfork proved Bitcoin Cash’s staying power. The fork was a monumental challenge that forced BCH to consolidate all of its resources in the face of a threat to its network. 

Having eliminated the challenge within a relatively short amount of time revealed that Bitcoin Cash’s network is well-supported and can handle a severe onslaught. While Bitcoin Cash hasn’t been able to overtake Bitcoin, it deserves its place in any top five most valuable cryptocurrencies list.

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